The Mysterious Device – Betatest
The mysterious device is up for Beta-test A strange package is sent from Professor Natuli to our hero. It’s content lead to an unexpected and [...]
Pixelmans epic adventure Demo / Test
How simple can it get? A retro platformer rough pixel style game – try the demo by clicking here. (Control pixelman with arrow keys, use acquired [...]
The Search For Professor Natuli
Embark on a quest to search for Professor Natuli and set things right from an experiment gone terribly wrong… A steampunk flavoured point-and-click [...]
Greenie – a space adventure
Meet Greenie, the alien space agent! Help our little hero with his mission to retrieve a missing fellow agent and a lost navigation code. All played out in [...]
Deep Space Mission Beta
  Our bases have been invaded by alien creatures! You must get in there,┬áSpace marine, and activate the AntiBioWave consols… Randomly generated [...]
Guppys World Beta
Have you ever done an eggy-weggy? Guppysworld is now in beta, ready for testing – should work on tablets and smartphone as well as with keyboard [...]
The Kitchin Family Mystery
Are you afraid of ghosts? The adventure point n’ click game “The Kitchin Family Mystery” is now ready for play:
The Dummy Game
Help the Dummy to find out where and who it is and eventually to escape the strange place it is trapped in. A surreal point and click/story driven game. [...]
A Space Noir Saga
Meet passengers that are on escape from strange worlds through the stars in hope to find a better life. A Kinetic Novel (KNs) where you control the flow of [...]
Under development
Games in various development stages, some may have active link for early testing – !!!disclaimer!!! – probably more or less full of bugs if so. [...]