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Dummy1 dummy2 Suddenly sea creatures inhabit the corridor
The main character of an interactive fairy tale, captured
Older explorations about creating games in a WYSIWUG editor - not very practical as a game engine, but I had to try :)
A screenshot from an early stage of development
A dummy wakes up in a strange place. Help it escape and find out it's secret. A surreal, story-driven, point and click mystery game.

Take part of the destiny of some of the lost souls aboard the star cruiser. A 'space opera noir'-style kinetic story.             
© Realplej™
Aborted Work in progress
Realplej was games played over the webb that had to be solved by looking up real, physical places. The project is put on hold, the sticker links to the originial webbsite.
Physical/Webb-based games
MIXES AND TRACKS: under alias FredOnEarth
Interactive comic book page
shipland memory space
(Win version only)
(Win version only)